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Climashield XP/APEX

Is the most effective insulating material of today’s global market.

It is the successor of legendary Polarguard 3D and Delta. It is world top class in insulation. The most resistant, high durable, flexible; in comparison with competition it maintains fluffiness for the longest time – after repeated using, compressing, washing and drying as well. Its feather-like extremely robust three-dimensional 3D structure is made of thermally linked crossed endless hollow microfibers with triangle hollow. Its insulation properties approximate this synthetic material the most to the feather and its performance is fully comparable to feather. It combines all advantages of all hollow fibers and microfibers developed so far. Its lifetime is legendary, low weight and thermal insulation is superlative and even better than they were for the previous materials, Polarguard 3D and Delta. The endless fiber is very stable and cannot be ripped by ordinary using.

Unlike competitive products it doesn’t settle down, fibers do not separate, tangle and do not form fluffs; after several years of use insulating material does not become thin and there are no spots without filling. If you use sleeping bag often and in hard conditions, you should prefer nearly indestructible, unbeatable Climashield XP/APEX. We use CLIMASHIELD XP/APEX made in USA, not in Asia!


CLIMASHIELD materials push further all the limits. This “endless” insulation is the right choice for outdoor enthusiasts and it will provide them with the combination of luxury, warmth and quality. It maintains 70% more fluffiness than competitive insulation materials. Fiber surface patented technology guarantees excellent performance even when fiber is wet and it allows to conduct moisture away from the body.